We are Mestara

Helping Indonesian women reach their full potential

Our mission is to enable young women to unlock their limitless potential and have the opportunities to live self-determined lives through our informal education.

We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds or geographical location, are empowered and able to empower other women in their communities.

Explore Our Programme


Mestara Mentorship

Through 6-week mentorship program, we are helping female recent graduates to build self-confidence to develop life and career plans, professional networking, career options explorations, and internship program with our partner companies.


Mestara Convo Club

Our 8-session long program that will help Indonesian women or girls to improve English speaking and listening skills and boost confidence in a professional setting. A great place to practice English conversation skill and be more fluent!


Mestara One-on-Ones

Our 50-minute coaching program for final year female students or recent graduates from Indonesian professional women, focusing on preparing stand-out CVs for top national and international companies, providing career guidance and and gaining industry insights.


Mestara Webinar

Our monthly webinar programs help female students address common challenges that female student and recent graduates often face by connecting them with experts and professionals in the field. Challenges are related to job hunting, career development, personal finance, personal development, and many more.

Mentees Testimonials

Hanson Deck

Program Mestara Mentorship sangat sesuai dengan kebutuhanku, terutama coaching-nya bener-bener ngebantu buat nge-clearin banyak maunya freshgrad. Worth it yaa karena paketnya juga lengkap. Selain itu komunikasi sama mentor disini atau Mesties lainnya juga tetep tersambung lho! Seru, jadi punya banyak pengalaman dari latar belakang yang berbeda-beda

Nadiatullah Tsuraya Fauziah, Marketing and Sales Supervisor - Karier.mu by Sekolahmu & Asisten DPRD - DPRD Kota Surabaya

miles tone

During MCC, I learned English without being judged. The discussion topics is broad, ranging from national to international issues. Through MCC I also get new insights by listening to podcasts, reading articles, studying discussions, and listening to other people’s opinions.

Rifdah Azhaari, Industrial Engineering Graduate


My mentor assisted me to develop an energy management strategy and reworked my professional branding to reflect my career advancement. What I learned from my mentor led to a process of career exploration, pivoting, and self-discovery.

Umroh Dian Sulistyah, Project Assistant, NKCU, Taiwan


Mentor Mestara sangat supportive dan membantu saya dengan membuat plan untuk switching career dan mapping career step selanjutnya. Sekarang saya udah ga ngerasa lost lagi dengan adanya mentoring dari Mestara.

Maryam Halim, Key Account Manager - Alibaba Cloud

Our Impacts So Far

400+ women

took part on Mestara programs

1,050 hours

Mestara events since June 2021

30% mentees

get employed upon first 6 months